What makes the Vizjerei clan special?
The Vizjerei clan is the first wizard-focused clan on the North American Diablo III server. Blizzard Entertainment reached out to the clan's original leader, Jaetch (who retired in Jan. 2016), prior to the launch of Patch 2.0.1 in order to reserve the clan name. The clan is set up around a tight-knit community, centering on camaraderie, with quality over quantity. While there are far bigger clans out there, some splitting into multiple sub-clans spanning hundreds of members, the Vizjerei clan is small and consists of several well-known players in the wizard community. For more information on the clan, including the clan's current roster, visit the About Us page.

How do I join the Vizjerei clan?
Please read the information on the application page and complete the form.

Membership is granted on a case-by-case basis and usually comes through in-game interactions in addition to communication via our public Mumble server, which can be seen on the right hand side of the page.

Host address: d3wiz.mumble.com
Port: 4030
Password: diablo

Bear in mind we are strict on presentation on the Mumble server. You are required to have a working microphone and the ability to use push-to-talk. Basic etiquette is also expected. Those disturbing other members may be muted, temporarily removed from the server, or outright banned.

It is imperative that you are active and can get along with the existing members. There are no timetables for approval. Some members may be invited in mere days, others may take weeks, and others may never be able to join. To make it plain and simple, if we believe you'll be a good fit in the clan, we'll notify you and offer you an invite. If we don't think you'll be a good fit, we won't invite you. Please DO NOT ask about invites or ask why someone got an invite and you didn't.

How do I contact clan members?
You may visit the Contact page for assistance. Generally, your best bet would be to find known members on the official U.S. wizard forum, where the vast majority of the members make their home. And as mentioned above, visiting our Mumble server is recommended.

Do you guys stream?
Our Twitch.tv channel is a work in progress.

Do you guys do gear checks, give general advice, etc.?
Of course we do. Many of the clan's biggest names are known for who they are because they are pillars in the community. You can post your questions and thoughts on our forum, or again, try your luck by looking for us on the official U.S. wizard forum.