—Application for possible Vizjerei Clan membership—

In an effort to bolster the clan’s ability and open up more to the community, the Vizjerei Clan is now offering possible recruitment through this application.

General Notes (Please read and understand fully before applying)

Mumble & Forum Participation:

All prospective members are highly encouraged to have access to Mumble with a functional headset and/or noise-cancelling microphone. This will enable you to find groups, and join in the Clan banter. Please see our FAQ on how to join our Mumble server.

We also strongly encourage you to register on our forums and get involved. A simple introduction thread is a good way to start. Forum access is initially limited but access to additional forum areas is granted as the recruitment process proceeds.


Since many members of the Vizjerei Clan are highly involved in the Diablo community, we play by the rules.

Botting is strictly prohibited here. There are no exceptions. Those caught botting during the application process will be rejected. Members caught botting will be booted. No excuses.

Application Processing:

Please DO NOT contact members/officers regarding the state of your application once submitted. If we determine you to be a potential fit, we will contact you. If you are a good candidate for our clan, you should be contacted by an officer within a few days for an in-game invite to begin your trial membership.

Clan Health:

“We might be gamers, but we're also people."

We've built a strong, fair and lasting community over the last few years. This community was established by individuals with similar attitudes and the drive to continuously improve at this game. However, we prioritize a fun and comfortable atmosphere. This is carried out through the use of various platforms like our clan site, community forums and Mumble. As a result, what we have is a gaming clan much like a family, where individuals matter.

During the application process, we will take the time to determine whether you are a good "fit” for our clan culture. It is equally important vice versa, that you take the time to figure out if we're right for you. This is to maintain a drama-free environment for the clan and its members.

---If you can abide by the above, we ask you fill out the following application as honestly and fully as possible---