Welcome Recruit
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Welcome to the site! Please register. If you are a clan member, please contact Jaetch in-game or e-mail info@vizjereiclan.com to enable your clan permits.

The Vizjerei Clan is now recruiting new members. Please review and complete the application process here.

Thanks to dredscythe from GrindEXP, the Vizjerei Clan website is up and running!

While this is labeled as the Vizjerei Clan home page, I do want to point out that this site is for public use. Within the forum, anyone can view and post topics outside the private clan subforum. Think of this place as an unofficial branch-off from the official U.S. wizard forum where the majority of the clan members make their home.

So please register on the forum. Now we have the much desired private messaging and avatar/signature features that have been nonexistent on the official forum for the past years! Getting in contact with clan members should be easy this way, outside of conventional methods like phone and chat.

There will likely be more features down the line, but for now, at least you can witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational site!