The Saga of the O.G.


Chapter 11 - A History Now Lost


The Moon Clan Warrior's Fire Chain slammed into the side of Boozor's house and began gnawing and chewing away at its siding.  Within seconds, the side of the house was on fire.  The Moon Clan Warriors stood at either side, pulling as hard as they could.  The robed man "encouraged" his warriors to press on.

"Do not stop, you fools!  Rip it down!  Kill them!  Kill them all!"

Inside the house, the OGs lay on the floor, facing each other.  The roof and the outer walls of the house were in flames.  Old Man looked up in time to see a burning beam break free from the roof and plummet towards where Void was laying.  Malakai reached his hand towards the falling beam and fired Ray of Frost, hoping to force the falling wood off its course.

He missed.


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The Saga of the O.G.


Chapter 10 - The Master of Comet and Ray of Frost


"Exc-cuse me, J-J-JellzRoc. I have a q-question," Pensfan looked over at JellzRoc as they waded through thigh-high snow.

JellzRoc was shivering something fierce.  He looked in Pens' direction and tried to see through the blizzard-like snowfall that lay between and around them.

"Y-ya, P-penny?" he asked through chattering teeth.

"Um, aren't you a W-W-Wizard?"

"I am.  W-why do you a-s-s-k-k-k?"

Pensfan scratched his head and looked down at his Pug, whom he was now carrying.  The Pug held Pensfan's Chicken mojo in her jaws.  She seemed to be freezing as well, "We-l-l-l," he began, "c-c-an't you d-do something about t-t-this snow?  I thought you g-guys contr-tr-tr-olled the wea-th-ther," he asked while gently pulling the chicken from Pugsfan's shivering jaws.  He placed it in his satchel.

JellzRoc looked at Pensfan with an expression of sadness, "I can t-try, but I can't p-promise anything.  These lands are near the home of the great -dolynick.  I'm afraid n-n-not much can undo this frigidness, if he is c-c-causing it."  JellzRoc stopped walking.  He pushed his hands together and held them there, in the shape of a ball. After a few moments, there seemed to be a bright, reddish-orange light glowing from within his hands.  He moved one hand away to reveal what could be described as a glowing miniaturized star.  It floated up and sat above JellzRoc's shoulder.  A few snowflakes sizzled as they fell near it, but otherwise, there was not much to show for his efforts.  Pensfan and his Pug looked at it with disappointment.  JellzRoc shrugged.

"What can I say?" he resigned, "I'm just an OG Forum Wizard.  I leave these calculations to -doly apo and-" he pointed at the heavens, "-Blizzard."

"You could have at least made the Sparkflint larger, Jellz," a third voice rang out from a few yards away.  JellzRoc and Pensfan strained to see through the now blizzard-like conditions.  Jellz let out a shaky laugh.



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Chapter 9

The 5 OGs and Spektr sat at Boozor's table and waited for him to return with Slice Device and Unwavering Gauntlets.  They waited. And then they waited some more.  Yodatoy and Spektr had been hastily awoken in Boozor's absence.  Yoda, who had drifted into a deep slumber and was having a nightmare, had accidentally reached out and electrocuted Spektr with Arc Lightning.  

"Sowwy!" Yoda sang as he fanned Spektr's smoking hair.  Spektr was definitely conscious now, and was as awake as he was irritated.  Malakai and Void were chuckling quietly.  Boozor returned several minutes later with nothing in his hands.  He seemed burdened, nonetheless.  Everyone turned in their chairs to face him.

"I've been thinking," he started. "The map Melk, that you offered...."

Melk cautiously uttered, "Yeah? What about it?"

"Melk, it''s priceless, man.  I have to give you more than just a stupid knife and a pair of gloves for it.  Plus, you're all my friends.  I won't get involved with these foes unless I absolutely have to, but I can certainly help out with the gear.  Come with me."  


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The following is a story that started off rather small on the US Wizard Forums.  I didn't plan on writing something so involved, but now that the ideas have began to swim about in my mind, I can't stop.  This installment of the Quick Touch will include the 1st 8 chapters of this "series".  The chapters to follow will be in their own entries.  Keep up with SOTOG (Saga of the O.G.)! Enjoy!


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Chapter 6 - Age Before JellzRoc
Chapter 7 - Dealing With Boozor
Chapter 8 - Sniff, Sniff

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Hey, I get it.  We broke the game.

When I was 5 or 6 years old, I pushed my brother into the swimming pool...while he wore jeans and a late September...on an uncommonly cold day.  Luckily, my father was out of town on business when this happened.  As the primary discipline-enforcing parent in our family, I foolishly counted myself among the "lucky".  When my father came home, he sat me down on the couch in our living room and asked me, "Why'd ya do that?"

"I didn't do it on purpose," I said.

"So you're saying it was an accident?"

"What's an accident'?" I asked.

"An accident," he calmly replied, "is when something happens that you are responsible for that you didn't do on purpose." 

I paused and thought about this for a moment.  This seemed like the easy way out of this debacle.  I quickly told my father that this was, in fact, an accident.

"So you understand what an accident is, now?" He peered over the top of his glasses with anticipation, but I failed to notice.  I slowly nodded in agreement.

"Good," he snapped, "Now I'm going to teach you what a lie is."  My father grounded me for a week.  That meant, no TV, no games, no friends, no play-time.  At the end of the week, he asked me if I learned my lesson.  I told him, in all honesty, that I had.  He lifted my punishment and I returned to my normal life.

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