According to JRR Tolkien's, The Silmarillion, in the beginning, there was Nothing.  He created the Ainur, which were the offspring of his own thoughts.  He made many.  I won't bore those who are not interested in Tolkien's work with all their names, but I would like to mention that one of them was Melkor.

Another, was Ulmo.
There is a cycle in the US Wizard Forums, a cycle that began long ago and continues to this very day.  There are different parts to this cycle, and admittedly, most of the information surrounding its composition and timing is anecdotal.  You're not going to find regimented study within my work, unless I'm citing a more established Professional.  I am not a Sociologist or Historian.  I'm just an enthusiast.  And this is what I've noticed.

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Recently, our fearless leader Jaetch wrote a lovely article concerning the root of The Vizjerei in Diablo Lore.  In response to that article, I felt it might be nice to tell the story of the Vizjerei clan, or more specifically, the events that led up to its formation.  For those who are unaware, it is one of my greatest hobbies to research and track Wizard History on the official US Wizard Forum on the Diablo 3 website, where much (but not all) of our History resides, frozen in the "Event Horizon" that is's digital archives.  I do hope you enjoy this week's Quick Touch.  Oh, and before I forget, this is all being done from memory.  Memories can be slightly inaccurate.  I doubt you will find any glaring errors, here.  But in case you do, keep them to yourself.  Kidding.  Comment!

Beta Diablo 3 Forums were comprised of individuals who primarily came from other Blizzard games, with a heavy emphasis on World of Warcraft players.  In these ancient posts, they criticized much of Diablo 3's mechanics from the perspective of those who had years of WoW under their belts.  Another large percentage of these primordial "Forumers" were D2 veterans, and they vocalized their love and disdain for the third installment openly.  I refer to the posters of this time period as, The Ancients, or The Originals, because they truly were the first to "blot and dot" the official Forums with words.  They brought light to the darkness that was at the time, a non-existent community.

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A Censorless Community, And All That Entails

(The Warning of All Warnings Concerning the Work I'll be doing here)


Once upon a time (ancient history for some), I started reading the Official Diablo III Wizard Forums on the website, owned and operated by Blizzard Entertainment.  At first, I only read. And then, once I had done my fair share of reading, I took the only next logical step:  

I

The Interwebs can be a scary place, folks.  I read what many others wrote, biting my nails in anticipation whenever I knew someone had asked a question that had already been answered ad nauseum.  I would wait, big ole' bag of popcorn in hand, refreshing those threads every few minutes...waiting for the sharks to come in and chew up the poor son of a bitch who had made the mistake of simply, "not searching first".  

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