A Censorless Community, And All That Entails

(The Warning of All Warnings Concerning the Work I'll be doing here)


Once upon a time (ancient history for some), I started reading the Official Diablo III Wizard Forums on the Battle.net website, owned and operated by Blizzard Entertainment.  At first, I only read. And then, once I had done my fair share of reading, I took the only next logical step:  

I

The Interwebs can be a scary place, folks.  I read what many others wrote, biting my nails in anticipation whenever I knew someone had asked a question that had already been answered ad nauseum.  I would wait, big ole' bag of popcorn in hand, refreshing those threads every few minutes...waiting for the sharks to come in and chew up the poor son of a bitch who had made the mistake of simply, "not searching first".  


After a while, the itch to write grew to an annoying level within me...so I decided to pick up the proverbial pen.  I started in a very quiet manner, where 9/10th of all my posts involved caveats sucha as, 

"I know this has already been covered..."

"It's just my own personal opinion..."

"I don't pretend to be an expert..."

"Please don't kill me..."

And so on and so forth I went.  I found, with little exception, that writing such "safety mechanisms" into my posts garnered favorable results.  I claimed nothing.  I began to post a little more often, but I kept the posts very impersonal.  Occasionally, I would "brown nose" the big names, complimenting them and thanking them for their hard work with numbers that meant more to them than I.  Their numbers, I would later argue, shaped the course of our Class, the Wizard.

The "Community" that bloomed from the presence of these people did not bloom in the same fashion elsewhere.  That is to say, the Barbarians and the Demon Hunters and the Witch Doctors did not cohesively develop anywhere near as strongly as the Wizards did.  The Monks did alright in this regard but again, they lacked the true social cohesion of the Wizard Class.  Sure, I'm biased.

Critical Mass: A Love Story (Critical Mass: A Love Story) served as the culmination for what was already well underway at the time of its release. It simply brought to light what we already knew to be true:  There was a "family" here, a social identity, if you will.

But we had/have to play by the rules of the Forum, don't we?  

!@#$ <-- I remember seeing that pop up for words that weren't even offensive!  I remember having to think of a better way of saying, "Bullshit".  Hey, I get it. it's a family website. 

Wait.  What?

You can't even VIEW the forums without first submitting your age on the Battle.net website.  So what's with the censorship?  PG-13 movies contain words like, "shit" and "asshole".  And lest we forget, Diablo III has a rating of M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (See their rating system here).  

So what's with the Nanny State Format?

Anyway, on my first Blog Post ever, I digressed.  Consider that part of the warning.  Here's the rest of it.  In this Blog you can expect:

To hear MY opinions regarding Diablo III related things.

Uncensored Thoughts

Uncensored Language

Controversial Positions on Popular/Hot Topics

All those wonderful things being said, you can also expect to not always agree with me.   That's fine. I appreciate your feedback and your thoughts.  The more you say, the more I'll have to say.  You've been warned.  Welcome to The Quick Touch.





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