The Saga of the O.G.


Chapter 16 - Camp Beed


The next morning, Boozor, Yodatoy, Jaetch, Melkor, and PeterBiz finally arrived at Camp Beed.  Essentially a couple of tents surrounded by a fence, Camp Beed was modest in appearence.  Melkor stirred and turned to face the entrance to the encampment.  Yodatoy, as usual, offered his thoughts freely.

"This place is pretty crappy for a Wizard like BDF."

Indeed, the encampment was more akin to a run-down lot than a home.  Sand covered everything, and the fence surrounding the tents was broken in so many places that it defeated its own purpose.  Phials and vials and flasks with different colored fluids lay strewn across the area. Blue wiring also seemed to be everywhere.  Boozor peered closely at one of the wires and espied some lettering.  He turned to the others and curiously asked, "Dafuq is Cat-5?"

PeterBiz motioned as if he was going to answer when suddenly, one of the tents flapped open.  BDF scuttled outward, then walked to the fence.  He looked at the group with scrutiny, slowly moving from one person to another.

"You gonna invite us in or what?" Boozor asked.  "It has been one helluva night.  Booz needs a drink."

BDF ignored Boozor entirely and focused his attention on the Old Man.  Melkor looked back at BDF, but wasn't sure if he was recognized by his old friend/adversary.  A few more moments passed before BDF looked at Peter.

"You'll have to carry the old man into my encampment," he pointed at the fence, "your Bears won't survive this threshold."

Peter nodded and lifted Old Man from the back of his Bear.  He then dismissed the mystical beast, and it faded into nothingness.  

They all entered the encampent.

"Bring him to my tent," BDF instructed PeterBiz, "As for the rest of you, take shelter in one of the other tents.  You've had a busy day.  I trust you'll find the accomodations...accomodating."  He quickly went into his own tent with Peter and Old Man.

Inside BDF's tent, Melkor was placed into a chair next to a strange object with several flashing lights and more of that "Cat's wire" that Boozor had seen before.  Old Man looked at BDF as he fumbled with all kinds of objects that Melkor had never seen before in his life.  He coughed and cleared his throat.

"Do you know who I am?" Old Man sputtered.  His voice was completely unrecognizable at this point.

BDF didn't look up from what he was doing, but he smiled ever so slightly.  

"Funny," he said.

"What's funny?" Old Man asked with a rising agitation in his voice.

"Nothing," BDF quickly responded.

"Then what's with the smile?"

BDF turned and looked at the Old Man.  He stared into his eyes for several moments.  He then went back to fumbling with his machinery.  He cleared his throat.

"How will you ever beat me in Forest Squared looking like that, Melkor?"

Melkor sat up sharply. "I knew you knew it was me! I knew it!"

BDF smiled more fully. "Of course I know it's YOU.  Only you could get so screwed up in a curse like this.  I've actually known about this for some time now.  But that's not important.  Let's get down to brass tacks."  His smile ran away from his face, and Melkor's dwindling hopes shriveled a little more.

"So?  What's going to happen to me?"

"The curse you have can not be cured.  As you are, you will probably," he paused and reached over and pulled on Melkor's saggy face.  Melkor swatted his hand away, "you will probably die in the next 11 hours."

Melkor sighed.  He shook his head and looked down at the ground.  A few tears welled up in his eyes.  So, he thought, Death?  Really?  Such a shame.  He really thought that BDF would be able to save him.  He gathered himself before sitting up in his chair again.  When he did, he found BDF biting on one of his knuckles, fighting back a consdierable amount of laughter.

"Something funny, fuckface?" Melkor wiped his eyes.




"Why me, Beed?"

"Because you never learn.  And I guess I'll have to finally just...tell you how to do it, even though you REALLY should have learned this yourself.  You have to learn to break the rules without breaking them."

Melkor nodded quickly and said, "I'ma kill you son, I want you to know that, if I ever get out of this curse.  You are the most annoying Wizard I have eve-," he paused and then quickly continued, "other than Yoda, you are the most annoying Wizard I have ever known."

BDF chuckled, but not in amusement, "I may be annoying, but I'm about to save your life."

"HOW?" Melkor yelled, and then he entered a coughing fit that ended with some blood on his hands.

BDF handed Melkor a hankerchief and sat back.  He reached for a nearby glass of Whiskey, and offered PeterBiz and Melkor some.  Both declined.  He took a sip, and placed it down next to his machine.  He then began.

"Once upon a time, the great Makers, which I suppose are the ones who designed the Universe that we live within, realized that the best method for improving Sanctuary was not to make changes and see what happens."

Melkor quickly spoke up, "We know this.  That's why they created Heaven and Hell, as testing...grounds...why are you shaking your head like that," he slowed his speech in light of BDF's adament disagreement.

"No Melkor, that's what we were led to believe.  The truth is...much darker.  The truth is, they cloned this world, and in this other world, they ran all kinds of tests.  They ran tests on the enviroment, on the very demons we battle, and also, on us.  But it wasn't really, "us".  They made sure that the versions of us that they tested on didn't contain our true spirits, our true selves.  There can never be more than one true you at any given time, Melkor.  But there can be many, many "almost you's", I guess you could call them.  The Makers referred to these alternate Universes as Public Test Realms, or as I have come to call them, PTR's."

Melkor cocked an eyebrow at his old friend.  He then slowly spoke to BDF, much as someone would speak to a child, "Are"

"No, Melkor, well, kinda, but that doesn't matter."

"Have you been smoking any of my leaf...did you steal some from me?"

"Stop it Melkor."

Melkor started to touch his face in different spots. BDF crunched his eyebrows.

"What are you doing, Melk?"

Melkor shrugged his shoulders and then spoke, "I'm just trying to figure out why you're talking to I'm a complete and utter moron."

"Listen to me, I know it sounds crazy.  But somewhere from here, or I should say, some time from here, there is a Melkor who is completely, 100% without a doubt, complete and utterly unaffected by this curse.  And believe it or not, I can merge your soul with that body."

Melkor looked over at PeterBiz's purple plumes in his headdress.  He remembered the familial feeling that he he felt when he first laid eyes on Biz.  He looked back at BDF.

"I'm guessing you've never actually pulled this off correctly, have you Beed?"

BDF sheepishly scratched the back of his head and looked at PeterBiz, "Well...I can't predict everything that will happen.  Besides, this is seriously experimental stuff, and it's not like I'm supposed to be tinkering with this.  They don't even know I've done it, but Warden is clearly offline as of late, as I'm sure you've noticed.

"I actually did not notice that," Melkor admitted.

"So how is it that you're suffering from a curse that has never occurred anywhere else in the Diablo franchise, hmm?"

Melkor stopped for a moment and thought about it.  Come to think of it, in the last year, there had been at least a dozen or so times where he could account something happening in this world that he had never before experienced.  From Boozor's house burning to the ground, to the black hand of smoke and more, Sanctuary had become rather...peculiar in recent times.  He had simply accounted this craziness to the Death of the OGs, and the coming of the New Blood.  But come to think of it, neither action should or could warrant the level of weirdness experienced in recent days.  He looked at BDF inquistively.


BDF now pointed at his odd machine.

"This, is a "computer."

"A com-what?" Melkor asked.

"It's a machine that I've built that runs on Beed Special Blend 2014 that allows me to access the PTRs."

"Which PTR?  You said there were many."

"There ARE many."

"So? Which one can you access?"

"All of them."

"And what are you proposing we do?"

BDF giggled.

"Well first, I'd need your permission to do something."

Melkor pursed his lips at Beed.  Every time this guy asked Melkor for a favor, something incredibly odd was involved.  

"Permission to do what, Beed?  What do you want to do?"

BDF stood up and sighed.  He walked to the opposite side of the tent from where they had been sitting and faced the wall.  He stood there for a few moments and finally turned back to face Melkor.  Then, quite flatly, he spoke,

"Melkor, I need to kill you."

To Be Continued...


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