The Saga of the O.G.


Chapter 11 - A History Now Lost


The Moon Clan Warrior's Fire Chain slammed into the side of Boozor's house and began gnawing and chewing away at its siding.  Within seconds, the side of the house was on fire.  The Moon Clan Warriors stood at either side, pulling as hard as they could.  The robed man "encouraged" his warriors to press on.

"Do not stop, you fools!  Rip it down!  Kill them!  Kill them all!"

Inside the house, the OGs lay on the floor, facing each other.  The roof and the outer walls of the house were in flames.  Old Man looked up in time to see a burning beam break free from the roof and plummet towards where Void was laying.  Malakai reached his hand towards the falling beam and fired Ray of Frost, hoping to force the falling wood off its course.

He missed.


"AHHHHH!!!!!" Void screamed as the flaming wooden beam landed on his back, instantly smashing his body brutally.  He rolled over and let out another agonizing cry.   

"Energy Armor! Prismatic!  All of you!" Old Man shrieked. The air surrounding each Wizard began to distort as each cast their aura of protection around themselves.  Boozor, however, did nothing of the sort.  He stood up.

"Boozor!" Old Man snapped at him, "Get down! Any second, that Fire Chain will rip through this house!  You'll be cut in two!" 

But Boozor could not be stopped or dissuaded. He stepped over and around the OGs and faced the strained wall where the Fire-Chain was grinding. In any second, it would rip through, for certain.  The whole house was groaning and burning, now.  He spoke with his backs to his friends.

"I will buy you some time. Get out of this house.  Kill the Elite Pack...and that Purple.  Give Void a kill."

Malakai and Yodatoy scrambled onto all fours and began crawling towards the opposite side of the house.  Old Man, in his frailty, stayed with Void and tried to comfort him.

"Tonight, when we get out of this, I'm going to take you to this Hot Pot restaurant I know, just outside of New Tristram.  They only serve 'cat'.  All you can eat, Void!" Doesn't that sound good?" Old Man tried to hide how scared he was for Void, who was now becoming almost non-responsive.  The wound had been sudden and horribly forceful.  He was slipping into shock.  Old Man looked at Boozor, who still had his back to the two and seemed to be bracing himself.  Would he lose two dear friends in one morning?

The wall snapped, and the Fire Chain entered the house like a straight blade.  It met Boozor's hands.

And it stopped.

Boozor held the chain much as someone would hold a door closed against an intruder.  Outside, the Moon Clan Warriors tried to push forward.  But Boozor held the Fire Chain at bay.

Malakai and Yoda had made their way out of the home and were each running along the side of Boozor's house, together, in single file.  Yodatoy led, and Malakai ran behind him.  They reached one of the Moon Clan Warriors, and without stopping, Yodatoy cast Frost Nova, and continued to run. Inside his mind, Yodatoy counted, '7, 6, 5..'  

The Fire Chain did not break, but the Frozen Warrior had dropped it.  Malakai reached the first Moon Clan Warrior turned Frozen Popsicle, and stopped.  He jumped in place and cast Wave of Force, launching the Beast backwards towards his Cultist leader and the third Warrior from the Elite Pack.  The frozen Warrior collided with the Purple and the other Elite, knocking them over.  Yodatoy had made his way to the other side of the house, now muttering out loud.

"3, 2.." The other Fire Chain-holding Moon Clan Warrior turned around, but was too late.  Yodatoy again cast Frost Nova.  He looked into the side of Boozor's burning house.  Boozor was standing there holding the now limp Fire Chain in his hands.  He seemed...unaffected by its destructive power.

"Void!" Yoda yelled.  Come kill this E!"

But Void was clearly unconscious.  He would be unable to move.

Boozor dropped the Fire Chain, which still thrashed and burned everything it touched.  He picked up Void and muscled him towards Yodatoy and the second Frozen Elite, stepping on burning embers and walking through flames as he went. Old Man followed, but more carefully, avoiding the burning dangers of the soon to collapse home.

Malakai had now come upon the other two Moon Clan Warriors and the Purple.  He stood tall over them, and indeed, was a dreadful sight.  He pulled his Skorn from his back and pointed it at them.  

A frozen Black Hole appeared, and dragged all three of Malakai's enemies into one another.  He then placed his Skorn onto his back, and began channeling Black Ice, a Ray of Frost variant.  The frozen Moon Clan Warrior died almost immediately, shattering into a million smaller pieces of ice.  The ground beneath where he stood turned blueish white, and a frozen mist of death rose from it.  The other two could not escape it, as the Black Hole continued to pull them all into and atop each other.  The mist devoured them both.

Meanwhile, Boozor finished carrying Void out of his burning home and placing him on the ground next to the swiftly defrosting Moon Clan Warrior, as a large portion of his home collapsed.

"Quickly!" Old Man yelled.

Yoda took Slice Device from Void's belt and slapped it into Void's hand.  It fell from Void's lifeless grip.

"Darn it!" Yoda exclaimed.  Old Man gave him a frustrated look.

"Yoda, when this is over, we're gonna have a nice long talk about what people can and can not do while they're unconscious."

Boozor picked up Slice Device, put it in Void's hand once more and held it there.  Malakai had ran over to them to help.  They raised Void's limp body from the ground, and animated the killing blow of the Moon Clan Warrior for him.

"I'm pretty sure this counts as an exploit," Boozor warned.  

"Void is comfortable with certain exploits," Old Man countered.

Void's mutilated body instantly healed.  His eyes fluttered, and then opened.  He looked around.

"Tha's...g-" he started, before falling into a deep sleep.  The OGs laughed in relief.

"About your house," Yoda began, "Sowwy it burned to the ground."

The OGs glanced over at the smoldering, burning destruction that remained of Boozficient Goods. They were all filled with sadness.  A history was now lost.  Still, Old Man had one last question for Boozor, and he couldn't wait to ask it any longer.

"Fire Chains, Booz?  How'd you withstand that amount of damage?  You run no Life Steal, Life on Hit doesn't apply'd you do it?"

Boozor reached into his shirt and pulled from inside it, the medallion of a necklace he was currently wearing.  Old Man smiled.

"The Star of Azkaranth.  Of course.  Who else would have the rarest amulet in Sanctuary?"

Boozor looked at his burning home, and to the frozen dead bodies of the remaining Elites and Purple.  He turned to Old Man; a stoic resolution had come upon his face.

"I'm coming with you."

Old Man smiled, "That's good of you to offer.  We will loot the dead bodies of the Purple and the Elites, and we will make for Caldeum.  You, I, and...uch, Yodatoy, will travel there and face Ziss."  He turned to Malakai, "Do you think you can handle NME with just yourself and Void?"

Malakai looked at the sleeping Void and laughed, "Even if we can't defeat him straight up, something tells me Void will figure out a way for us to pull it off."

"Don't get banned," Old Man warned.

"Never have, never will."

"By the way, Melk," Boozor smiled, "if we're going to Caldeum, we should stop and see BDF."

"And why, pray tell, should we do that?" 

"I could tell you...but I think you already know why, Melkor."  

Old Man's pleasant mood ran away from his face.  Do not be mistaken, Old Man considered BDF to be one of his greatest friends on Sanctuary.  They both pursued the same thing; Truth.  But they did not always agree on the path that should be taken on the way to ascertain it.  Old Man knew that he would have to face a harsh reality, and he did not need Boozor to tell him what that reality was.

BDF was likely the only one who would know how to lift Old Man's Aging curse.

"So be it," Melkor resigned.

To Be Continued...


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