The Saga of the O.G.


Chapter 10 - The Master of Comet and Ray of Frost


"Exc-cuse me, J-J-JellzRoc. I have a q-question," Pensfan looked over at JellzRoc as they waded through thigh-high snow.

JellzRoc was shivering something fierce.  He looked in Pens' direction and tried to see through the blizzard-like snowfall that lay between and around them.

"Y-ya, P-penny?" he asked through chattering teeth.

"Um, aren't you a W-W-Wizard?"

"I am.  W-why do you a-s-s-k-k-k?"

Pensfan scratched his head and looked down at his Pug, whom he was now carrying.  The Pug held Pensfan's Chicken mojo in her jaws.  She seemed to be freezing as well, "We-l-l-l," he began, "c-c-an't you d-do something about t-t-this snow?  I thought you g-guys contr-tr-tr-olled the wea-th-ther," he asked while gently pulling the chicken from Pugsfan's shivering jaws.  He placed it in his satchel.

JellzRoc looked at Pensfan with an expression of sadness, "I can t-try, but I can't p-promise anything.  These lands are near the home of the great -dolynick.  I'm afraid n-n-not much can undo this frigidness, if he is c-c-causing it."  JellzRoc stopped walking.  He pushed his hands together and held them there, in the shape of a ball. After a few moments, there seemed to be a bright, reddish-orange light glowing from within his hands.  He moved one hand away to reveal what could be described as a glowing miniaturized star.  It floated up and sat above JellzRoc's shoulder.  A few snowflakes sizzled as they fell near it, but otherwise, there was not much to show for his efforts.  Pensfan and his Pug looked at it with disappointment.  JellzRoc shrugged.

"What can I say?" he resigned, "I'm just an OG Forum Wizard.  I leave these calculations to -doly apo and-" he pointed at the heavens, "-Blizzard."

"You could have at least made the Sparkflint larger, Jellz," a third voice rang out from a few yards away.  JellzRoc and Pensfan strained to see through the now blizzard-like conditions.  Jellz let out a shaky laugh.



"Hellooo" -dolynick waved sheepishly.  He was dressed head to toe in furs from different animals, and he appeared quite comfortable in his garb.  He nodded at Pensfan.

"Who's the Witch Doctor?"

"I am Pensfan. And this is my pug, Pugsfan."  Pugsfan let out a slight whimper, "We're f-freezing out here," Pens also offered.  -Dolynick nodded, again.

"Of course.  It's my spells, Frozen Solid, and Frozen Storm.  I've been utilizing them to hold off an assault from a pack of Demons that struck Bastion's Keep no more than 5 days ago.  The folks there seem to think they will be returning.  Many of the traveling merchants in these lands have gone missing, as of late.  Precautions had to be taken."

JellzRoc quickly motioned to speak, but Pensfan spoke first, "The Troopers have been dispatched by your friend and myself.  For the time being, these lands are safe.  You may quell your frozen mysticism."

-Dolynick looked to JellzRoc for confirmation.  Once he received it, he reached into his heavy fur waistcoat and drew forth an oddly shaped wand, with a crescent moon shaped head.  He whisked it about his head once.  The swirling frozen winds subsided, but the snowfall seemed to double in intensity.  

"Oops.  I uncast Frozen Storm but accidentally double cast Frozen Solid!  No worry, the Blizzards won't stack with each other.  It won't get any colder.  But for now, we should probably get you two indoors.  My home is not too far from here.  Let us go."

On the way to -doly's domicile, JellzRoc told him of what had transpired in the Arreat Crater. Pensfan continually referred to the Arreat Crater as the Cleaved Mountain.  He also explained that he too was looking for his apprentice, Lasers.  -Dolynick seemed troubled, but not overly distraught.

"Well, he's always meddling in too many affairs, that Melk," -doly said, "but don't worry JellzRoc, we'll get him out of there.  And your apprentice too.   That mountain is no match for a couple of OG's like us."

The trio and Pugsfan finally made their way through a large portion of the frozen tundra that lie between the Crater and the Keep and found themselves standing in front of a giant mound of snow.  Atop the mound, a red and white flag was sticking out, with a Maple Leaf in the center.  -Dolynick looked up at it proudly.

"Welcome to my home, friends."

JellzRoc let out a 'huh?' before simply just blurting out, "Wait, -doly, you live in a giant..pile...of..uh, snow?"

-Dolynick sighed with a bit of exasperation.  "No, ya big New York Oaf.  It snows here pretty much 8 months out of the year.  There's a house under this mound.  Come."  -Dolynick walked up to the mound of snow and drew his hands together.  He then pulled from seemingly nowhere, a single Flame Blade.  He held it in his right hand and used it to "carve" out a large section of snow, which melted swiftly to reveal a large wooden door, made from Maple.  He opened it, and warmth came forward from inside the home.  Pensfan quickly stepped inside.  Jellz followed.  -Dolynick dropped the Flame Blade, which vanished as it fell.  He stepped inside and closed the door.

Inside his cozy home, -Dolynick did his best to make the two comfortable.  They rested their weary bodies on comfortable couches in a room with seating that resembled miniaturized thrones. 

-Doly offered both of the weather-worn travelers large glasses of whiskey.  As they drank, both felt a sense of heat radiate from within.  -Dolynick reached above Jellz' head and grabbed the Sparkflint that had been following them since -doly came upon them both in the storm.  He looked at it curiously before tossing it into his fireplace.  A roaring fire instantly sprang to life, its flames licking upwards into his chimney.  

"Now," -doly began, "tell me more about this 'Cleaved Mountain',"  Pensfan smiled at -dolynick's use of the Witch Doctor's terminology, "Why did you not simply call down a StarPact to break open the mountain?"

Pensfan was surprisingly educated concerning the Arreat Crater.  "Arcane Energy has no effect on the Cleaved Mountain, whatsoever.  It is enchanted, and immune.  The other elements would be more effective - most likely, Fire.  You would have to strike very hard though, over and over, at the exact same position," Pensfan took a sip of whiskey before lowering the mug so Pugsfan could get a few gulps of her own, "and you would need at least seventy five to one hundred meteor strikes to break open that type of rock."

"Seventy five to one hundred?" JellzRoc spat out, in disbelief.  He looked at -Dolynick's wand with great doubt. -Dolynick sat emotionless.  He lit a hand rolled cigarette, and breathed the smoke in slowly.  He motioned Pensfan to continue.

"Yes, Master JellzRoc, about one hundred strikes would be needed. You also would need to cut this hole near the same location of the Great Door you and Melkor entered within.  It will no doubt be sealed by now with fell magic.  If or when you accomplished this, you would need to retrace your steps exactly, as the Cleaved Mountain is a labyrinth of passageways and tunnels.  The Barbarian people tend to go off on their own in search of the Burning Fury.  They seldom stick with any group, even their own kin.  That mountain is indeed, a maze.  Once you find the chamber where the Black Hand of Smoke rests, we will find Melkor, and I hope, Lasers.  How 'old' would you say Melkor appeared when you last saw him?"

"He looked at least 60 years old."

"Then we haven't much time.  He will continue to age rather rapidly until he either dies or the curse is lifted from him."

-Dolynick stood from his seat, "My wand will not be able to break open the mountain.  Though it is Legacy, and has ten Arcane Power on Crit, the Mountain is not coded as a foe.  I'm thinking...Molten Impact."

"Molten Impact hits hard but has a long cooldown, -Doly."

-Doly again let out an exasperated sigh, "Not ROS Molten Impact, JellzRoc.  Vanilla Molten Impact."  A bright yellow flash of light filled and fled the room.  When it subsided, -Dolynick had teleported and was arms deep in a large Resplendent Chest opposite of the fire place.  Jellz and Pens looked over as he seemingly tossed aside items that were of no use to him.  On the ground, a large scroll was laid out.  At the top, the words, 'Wizard Tools' could be cleanly read.  He was muttering to himself while glancing back and forth between the scroll and the chest.  He occasionally would make notes on the scroll while handling different pieces and items.

"Let's see..hmm,  I'll need a Cindercoat, and possibly that Act 3 helm, what is it? Ahh yes, the Pride's Fall...Krede's Flame will be painful but possibly necessary.  For skills, I'll probably need to utilize Arcanot and possibly Astral Presence.  Hmm...Energy Armor, Energy Tap..or Power of the Storm, yes, Power of the Storm will probably help...Conduit won't do much in this situation..hmm.  I will still need a strong weapon...perhaps it is time I unveiled The Grand Vizier.  It has laid unused since its crafting, and Melkor always disliked it over the Smoldering Core.  It will be quite humorous when it is utilized as the instrument of his salvation...hehe.." 

"Do you possess Reaper Wraps?" Pensfan was suddenly standing over -dolynick.  Pugsfan walked up to -doly and licked his face.  -Dolynick pushed the eager Pug away before standing up and wiping his face with his sleeve.

"Uh, yeah.  But there aren't any foes near the Arre-err-the Cleaved Mountain."

Pensfan smiled.  -Dolynick gasped.

"Of course!" -Doly exclaimed, and laughed out loud quite hard.

JellzRoc didn't seem to get the joke.  Pensfan reached into his satchel and pulled forth a severed greenish grey head.  Pugsfan gladly took the shrunked head into her jaws.  

"Okay, you Witch Doctors carry some seriously strange stuff with, you...Is that a head?  Why on earth would you carry that?" JellzRoc was repulsed.

"Because, Master JellzRoc, I am not just a Witch Doctor.  I'm also a Globe Doctor.  Between myself, The Grand Vizier, and Master -dolynick's theorycrafting, we can break through the Cleaved Mountain's hide.  Come.  We must leave at once."

-Doly looked towards the door while nodding.  He hesitated, and finally said, "Before we get started," he said, "I'm going to step away for a few moments...for one more smoke and a whiskey."


To Be Continued...


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