Chapter 9

The 5 OGs and Spektr sat at Boozor's table and waited for him to return with Slice Device and Unwavering Gauntlets.  They waited. And then they waited some more.  Yodatoy and Spektr had been hastily awoken in Boozor's absence.  Yoda, who had drifted into a deep slumber and was having a nightmare, had accidentally reached out and electrocuted Spektr with Arc Lightning.  

"Sowwy!" Yoda sang as he fanned Spektr's smoking hair.  Spektr was definitely conscious now, and was as awake as he was irritated.  Malakai and Void were chuckling quietly.  Boozor returned several minutes later with nothing in his hands.  He seemed burdened, nonetheless.  Everyone turned in their chairs to face him.

"I've been thinking," he started. "The map Melk, that you offered...."

Melk cautiously uttered, "Yeah? What about it?"

"Melk, it''s priceless, man.  I have to give you more than just a stupid knife and a pair of gloves for it.  Plus, you're all my friends.  I won't get involved with these foes unless I absolutely have to, but I can certainly help out with the gear.  Come with me."  


The OGs and Spektr followed Boozor through his small house until they reached a door with a small sign on it.  The letters "RMAH" were crossed out.  Nothing had been written in their place.  He opened the door and led them all down a flight of winding stairs.  The stairs creaked and groaned.  Boozor made mention that no-one had ever been into his personal 'Completed' section of his home.  

The stairs gave way to a large store room, with crates organized everywhere by armor type and glass cases carefully mounted to the walls.  He walked over to one of these glass cases and removed a small object from his robe.  He looked down at it while typing numbers into a small and rather complex looking locking mechanism.  The locking mechanism made a small "Bzz" sound.

"Stupid authenticator," Boozor hissed as he successfully entered a new code, the second time around.  The glass case clicked open.

"Unwavering Gauntlets," Boozor spoke with admiration of the i63 Archon Gauntlets as he handed them to Void, who had ditched the full "Chantodo Get-Up" for his old Battle Armor and Weapon.  Void quickly put on the gloves.  Indeed, he did seem to have a greater presence, from this one change.  The OG's let out signs of appreciation and awe.  Boozor simply shrugged his shoulders and walked over to another case.  He repeated the same process with the Authenticator and the case clicked open.  He carefully pulled a Dagger from its holster and turned towards Void, solemnly.

"Slice Device," Boozor said as he presented Void with the dagger in a traditional fashion, handing it to him horizontally, placed in his two upward-facing hands.  

Void smiled as he equipped the Dagger.  He nodded at Boozor.  Boozor returned the nod before looking over at Yodatoy.

"Yoda, I'm sure that I have en entire gear set of yours scattered among these crates.  Considering the circumstances, I'd be willing to let you borrow them on your word.  No charge."  Yodatoy let out a gleeful cheer and dove practically head first into a collection of crates.  He placed 10 rings on 10 fingers and waved them at Spektr.  Spektr was still not too pleased with Yodatoy, and he scoffed at the absurdness of his actions.  Yoda simply shrugged and went back to picking out his old gear from the crates.


TekkZero quipped, "Whattya got for me Booz?" He seemed jubilant with anticipation.  

"For you, Doctor TekkZero, I present you two staves.  The first I obtained from -dolynick in the great cold tundra of the North.  I believe he called it, "The Grand Vizier".  It reduces the Arcane Power cost of your Meteor, substantially, while buffing its damage.  A viable option for your Starpact.  He was very fond of it, that dolynick-" Boozor smiled, "-aaannnd it was not easy to have him part with it."  He turned towards Old Man, "I believe he used this to free you from the Arreat Crater, some time back, Melk?"

Old Man sighed, "Yeah, yeah.  He helped free me with that staff.  Don't remind me.  He lets me know all the time."  Boozor laughed heartily.

"Why so hostile?" he jabbed.  He then reached for another staff from the same crate.  Tekk seemed confused.

"This staff is called, "The Smoldering Core."  It causes enemies to be forcefully drawn towards the impact location of your Meteors, Doc.  Very useful, indeed."

TekkZero's confusion had not subsided.  He threw his hands in the air, "I'm a Wizard, Boozor.  I can't dual-wield.  Which staff will I use?"

Boozor smirked, and turned towards Malakai, who was eyeing a silver ring with a greenish-blue gem set atop it, "Ahh yes, Master Malakai.  You hold the Halo of Arlyse.  It should make you far more durable against physical blows, and when you do get struck, you will instantly put forth a wave of ice that freezes your foes. Take it, please.  I have no use for it."

Poor TekkZero continued to look at both staves with indecision.  Spektr finally spoke up.

"Oh!  I have an idea!  Do you guys know, Jenny?"

The OGs looked around at one another in confusion.  "Is she an OG?" and "Never heard of her" were among some of their comments.  

"Noooo, ya Old Geysers," he rolled his eyes, "Jenny is a new..err..ish Wizard who has a knack for creating new items and gear sets that have never before been discussed or thought of before.  You should bring those staves to her.  She could possibly do something with them."

Malakai let out a surprised, 'huh'.  Old Man smiled.

"That's a great idea, Spektr.  You will travel with TekkZero to the land of MP10 to find Jenny.  Carry with you one staff.  TekkZero will carry the other.  He can not do this alone, for we can not dual-wield.  Have her craft something for you as well.  You will need it. Go now! Make haste!"  

Spektr seemed both happy and angry with himself as TekkZero ushered him up the winding staircase.  Before the sound of them leaving fell out of earshot, the remaining OGs could hear TekkZero's voice, "Oh Spektr, we're going to have a grand time.  I'm going to teach you all there is to know about meteors.  Who knows? The path to MP10 goes through GCanum's country.  Perhaps we will stop and see my old apprentice!"

Malakai, Void, Old Man, and Boozor spent the long hours of the evening in the cellar of "Boozficient Goods" equipping, re-equipping, and analyzing different items.  It was practically sunrise by the time the OGs settled into their beds, which Boozor proudly claimed to be as soft as "big squishy marshmallows".  They began to drift off to sleep.  

Some time around mid-morning, Old Man awoke to the sound of voices coming from the far distance outside Boozor's house.  He listened intently.  The voices fell silent.  Old Man held his breath and reached over to lift the shade from the window next to his bed.  Outside, a three-pack of Moon Clan Warriors stood menacingly.  They glowed Blue.  Every few seconds, an interlinking chain of flame would suddenly appear, connecting the Moon Clan Warriors by fire.  Behind them, an oddly dressed man, wrapped in robes with dark magical runes printed on them stood.  He spoke loudly, "Kill them!  Ziss demands their blood!"

Old Man sat up and turned to his sleeping companions, "Everybody up! Everybody up! Moon Clan Warriors! Fire Chains!" The OGs quite literally fell out of their beds.  Malakai seemed to be the only one who instantly had his composure.  He ran to Old Man's bed and looked out the shade.

Outside, two of the Elite Fire Chains Moon Clan Warrior were spacing themselves out.  They had separated themselves so that one was off to the left, and one to the far right.  The fire chain would occasionally pulse hotly.  

"What are they doing?" Malakai whispered.

The others had collected themselves and were peering out of respective windows.  Boozor was the last to approach and look.

"Oh my Anu" he gasped.  He turned towards his friends, "Everybody! Get DOWN!"

The cultist pointed at the two Moon Clan Warriors flanking the house.  He then pointed at Boozor's home.  

"Shred it to the ground!" 

The Moon Clan Warriors charged forward, the chain serving as a clothes line.  

The OGs flung themselves to the floor in terror.


To Be Continued...


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