This entry for the Help Desk will feature Firebird gameplay for Greater Rifts. I've noticed many players with above average Firebird gear experiencing a lot of frustration when dealing with solo Greater Rifts. Much of the frustration comes from learning how to play the build (Apocalypse-Mammoth Hydra).

Firebird skills

This is the current rendition of the classic "Blizzard-Hydra" build that has been with the wizard class since 2012. While it doesn't play the same way as it did back in Diablo III's early days, the build at its core revolves around pure kiting. This means the player should constantly be on the move, casting spells while maintaining a safe distance from enemies.


The complementary guide can be found on the official wizard forum.

I recently put out a video that demonstrates the Firebird wizard in Greater Rifts:

I recorded this video a while ago, but I never got to use it for anything. I ended up playing it back to myself while I commentated (as if I were the viewer), so hopefully the video sheds some light on the thought process behind playing a Firebird wizard. This is the same build and playstyle I used to complete Greater Rift 41 and remains what I use today in my attempts at levels 42 and 43.

It's a long video, but you can skip ahead to different parts:

Greater Rift 36: 0:44 - 10:09
Greater Rift 38: 10:53 - 23:30
Greater Rift 39: 24:20 - 39:08
Recap: 39:30

Remember, this particular build takes a lot of practice. It might seem easy or "boring" as a concept to some players, but to run it successfully, it requires quite a bit of skill on top of gear. I find that to be fantastic because too much of the content in Diablo III involves simple gear checks. To throw in some player skill requirement is a welcome addition.


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