This entry for the Help Desk will feature one variant of Tal Rasha gameplay for Greater Rifts. As of this article, Patch 2.2 is only a few days old so plenty of players are still trying to gear up and find their way. However, this variant of the Tal Rasha wizard is incredibly strong, and in my opinion, one that provides more consistent results.

This is a melee spec. You will always be right in the middle of action. You'll take your share of hits, but you'll also be locking things down as they hit you. The frantic yet elegant style of play is reminiscent of the CM wizard back in classic D3. If that caught your attention, then read on.


For the video, if you want to skip the blabbing, you can start around 6:33 to watch the demo run (GR52).

There is a L2P side to this build. You'll have to figure out the cycling for Tal Rasha stacks, when to engage, when to disengage, and which enemies to focus your crowd control. Unfortunately, this all comes after you acquire some rather rare or "difficult to roll" items, including an ancient Serpent's Sparker, a pre-2.2 ancient Tal Rasha source with Hydra damage (you can use the new Meteor one if you don't have an older source), Halo of Arlyse and Ancient Parthan Defenders.

This build can be found in the complementary guide located in the official wizard forum.

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