This entry for the Help Desk will feature one variant of Tal Rasha gameplay for Greater Rifts. As of this article, Patch 2.2 is only a few days old so plenty of players are still trying to gear up and find their way. However, this variant of the Tal Rasha wizard is incredibly strong, and in my opinion, one that provides more consistent results.

This is a melee spec. You will always be right in the middle of action. You'll take your share of hits, but you'll also be locking things down as they hit you. The frantic yet elegant style of play is reminiscent of the CM wizard back in classic D3. If that caught your attention, then read on.

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This entry for the Help Desk will feature Firebird gameplay for Greater Rifts. I've noticed many players with above average Firebird gear experiencing a lot of frustration when dealing with solo Greater Rifts. Much of the frustration comes from learning how to play the build (Apocalypse-Mammoth Hydra).

Firebird skills

This is the current rendition of the classic "Blizzard-Hydra" build that has been with the wizard class since 2012. While it doesn't play the same way as it did back in Diablo III's early days, the build at its core revolves around pure kiting. This means the player should constantly be on the move, casting spells while maintaining a safe distance from enemies.

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