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Welcome to the site! Please register. If you are a clan member, please contact Jaetch in-game or e-mail info@vizjereiclan.com to enable your clan permits.

The Vizjerei Clan is now recruiting new members. Please review and complete the application process here.

Junger - "ZK/SB Positioning"

FL0Maxx - "Meteor Shower"

Gcanum - "Untitled"

JCMonkey - "Wizards can Run Like the Wind, too"

ChangBooster - "White Archon Faulds"

jenpeezey - "A is for Archon"

MrDuMa - "Untitled"

Zackaresh - "Improved Teleportâ„¢"


Gendehar - "Male Wiz FTW!"

PieHole - "3x Barb Chariot of Death"

yodatoy - "When yoda met YODA"

Nook - "The _real_ OP Wiz Spec"

pichapie - "Value Buy"

Riggs78 - "Untitled"

smite93 - "Untitled"

DarkLink - "Act 3 Inferno Pre-patch 1.03"

EmperorMao - "man wizrd"

Romad - "Untitled"