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Welcome to the site! Please register. If you are a clan member, please contact Jaetch in-game or e-mail info@vizjereiclan.com to enable your clan permits.

The Vizjerei Clan is now recruiting new members. Please review and complete the application process here.

Here's the solo Greater Rift standings as of 9:00 p.m. EST for US Wizards:

11-24 Standings

Some neat facts about this snapshot:

Top 150 means front page on the official Diablo III rankings page.

The Vizjerei Clan has the most members representing the Top 150 solo wizards, with eleven, out of all clans. The next closest clan is Strawberry Milkshake (SM) with seven.

The Vizjerei Clan has the most members representing all categories: Top 10 (2), Top 20 (5), Top 50 (6), Top 100 (9), and Top 150 (11).

The next closest clans with Top 20 representatives are Dragons Are Us (Dragon) and Demons N Angels (DNA), with two representatives each.

The first Era for leaderboards will end around the same time Season 1 will end. There's still plenty of time to stack the representation!


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