The Vizjerei Clan is the oldest wizarding clan in Diablo 3.  The clan name was reserved ahead of the introduction of Diablo 3 clans and required special arrangement with Blizzard staff.  Original members were war-tested, wisened, wrinkled wizards that pioneered strategy, breakpoints, skill and playstyle optimizations, and fought endlessly amongst themselves regarding Mempo vs. Stormcrow.  Many of them still reside here, plotting how best to flay the flesh with fire and ice. Today, the Vizjerei Clan is home to a diverse group of players with varied in-game goals.  We have always been and continue to be a clan focused on enjoyment of Diablo 3 through theorycraft, testing game limits, and efficiency optimization, although we frequently break to focus on whatever eccentric personal goals we find pleasing.  We are a fun-loving crew, frequently hanging out together or harassing one another on Discord or on our forum.  We are Seasonal and Nonseasonal, Hardcore and Softcore, and mostly casual with a few leaderboard chasers.  We are happy to share what we have learned and are proud to call the Vizjerei Clan our home.


We are looking to grow our ranks! If the Vizjerei Clan sounds like a place you'd like to call home, please contact one of our members in-game, or fill out our online application on the APPLY page.